Ikea Besta – clever storage system

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Living room furniture arrangement is a challenge. Ikea Besta is a unique storage solution which fits in all kinds of space and offers clean lines exactly according to the designer rule “keep it simple”. With a wide range the furniture sets can be easily combined and complemented. Choose furnishings with a lighter feel and look. Besta system should satisfy most of you.

The range of cabinets and doors Besta

Living room Besta

Ikea regularly expands its range of cabinets Besta, dimensionally and also with new color designs. You can always add some cabinets or simply change the look by replacing the Ikea Besta door. For a small investment to your living room or office it gets a different atmosphere. The only limit is your own imagination.

Ikea living room furniture

The times when living room furniture covered the entire wall, are long gone. Currently rather minimalist sets of cabinets are chosen for modern living rooms. Ikea Besta exactly corresponds to modern trends, it can be said that it pretty indicates the trends.
Before attaching your furniture sets to the wall, think about which way you need to keep all the cables. Hide them behind the television and to other outlets or appliances lead it through the wall. Create this "tunnel" before painting the wall. It will facilitate the cleaning as well. For the same reason it is suitable to place the TV stand at a height of about 20cm but it depends on the combination you choose.

Ikea Besta TV set In the gallery, we prepared for you, you can draw inspiration. We tried to include Ikea Besta system for larger spaces and smaller rooms as well. For a better idea, we equipped the cabinets with doors in different colors. Now there are even more colors available, as bright yellow is really nice. At the end of the gallery there is also a picture of our humble living room before placing the appliances. Simplicity is beauty.

Ikea Besta planner inspiration

After a brief introduction to the basic functions of Ikea Besta planner you will certainly be able to create your own furniture sets to fit your needs and your tastes. Do not forget to add to the cabinets interior equipment of the series Inreda.

Ikea variable bookcase

Besta bookcase

With Besta cabinets you can very easily create an original bookcase with additional storage space, such as a small bar. You will always have the glasses and bottles with your favorite drink on hand.
View the gallery of Ikea bookcases created in Ikea Besta planner to gain at least a basic idea of how it is possible to combine the cabinets.

Children´s rooms furniture

Dětský pokoj Ikea

Ikea Besta may serve you well when choosing functional, yet very nice furniture for children´s rooms. Its great advantage is the extreme variability. As your children grow, you will certainly need to adapt the furniture to their needs and design requirements. It won´t be a problem with Besta.
Here you will find a little inspiration.

Note | The published photos on the website nabytek-ikea.cz are for illustrative purposes only | Besta furniture sets were created with the use of Ikea Besta planner, which is available on the official website | Web nabytek-ikea.cz has no connection with Ikea, only informs about the offered products, providing inspiration and more fit information for customers who want to equip their homes with cheap, but nice and functional furniture.