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Kitchen Ikea

Ikea kitchen is ideal choice for many young families arranging their first home, mainly due to its variability, design, utility value, and not least for its availability. To give inspiration we will share with you our experience.
Get inspired by photographs of a kitchen, which met all our expectations, you can find them in the gallery on the left.

Inspiration for kitchen design

Kitchen Ikea

We all have different tastes and different ideas about how the ideal kitchen should look like. We don´t want to impose anything on anyone. We just wanted to give you some inspiration and practical advice from satisfied owners of Ikea kitchen.


We chose the white color of kitchen primarily for its neutrality, purity, and compatibility with other colors. White color is contrasting with dark worktop. After one year there were signs of use, even though we were careful, the board got a patina. But the truth is that we cook very often. We added a dark kitchen Ikea table, Pantone chairs, chandeliers Ikea again.
For a long time we considered what material to choose over the worktop. Finally, we repainted the room with a quality washable paint Dulux. The advantage is that when we get tired of yellow-orange color, we´ll choose a different color to paint the kitchen which simply gets another appearance.

Ikea modern kitchen inspiration

Glass plate - we recommend!

Behind the induction cooktop we placed a plate of tempered clear glass, which on both sides exceeds by about 20 cm. Maintenance is very simple and in our opinion it looks very nice. The only thing to watch out for is the installation of the plate. Gently turn the screws not to tighten them too much and not breaking the plate. Under the screw heads, the glass and the wall we put felt pads to protect the glass.

Ikea appliances

We equipped our kitchen with Ikea appliances, except refrigerator. The induction cooktop is really excellent, it works reliably and the heating compared with the classic glass ceramic is incredibly fast. Oven also serves seamlessly, as well as the microwave oven that we could not fit into the cabinet, but its location near the dining table is ultimately very practical. Appliances have an extended warranty. We hope that we will not have to use it. We have really great experience with Ikea kitchen appliances.

Note | The published photos on the website nabytek-ikea.cz are for illustrative purposes only | Design kitchen cabinets were created with the use of Ikea kitchen planner, which is available on the official website | Web nabytek-ikea.cz has no connection with Ikea, only informs about the offered products, providing inspiration and more fit information for customers who want to equip their homes with cheap, but nice and functional furniture.